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Welcome to Earlswood Lakes Sailing Club Safety Advice Page

This page contains some useful safety advice about sailing at Earlswood

Earlswood has a good safety record and we hope it will continue but we do have the odd incident and sailors
should be aware of the risks of sailing.

Firstly, when you arrive you should evaluate the general conditions.

What direction is the wind coming from?
What course has been set - how many gybes?
Can you see what the wind is doing at the furthest mark?
Can you handle the conditions?

Next what will you wear?

It's important to match your clothes to the conditions. Bouyancy aids are mandatory but
will you need a wetsuit or drysuit? If you capsize you could be in the water for around 10 minutes which
will seriously impair your ability to function in cold weather. Consider your hands and feet
too and whether or not you need gloves and boots. There is a particular danger around the jetty
in relation to foot injuries. When boats are moving on and off trolleys there is a
danger of crushed toes and when moving on the ramp, it is easy to slip. Sensible shoes
help here.

So you have the boat on the water, (early is good to test the conditions at all points of sailing before the race
starts) but before you push off, you should do a few last minutes checks.

Controls and sheets are running free (and not under your rudder),
loose items secured,
kicker engaged,

rudder is down.

It's important to have the boat under control when you leave the jetty as there are often other
boats in the area of the start line.

If you do happen to have an accident or you feel something is unsafe - please tell the OD
or a member of the committee. There is a first aid kit and an accident book in the galley cupboard.

Thanks ~ The Committee