Earlswood Lakes Sailing Club

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Boat Classes at Earlswood
                                  Merlin Rocket                                  Solo

Many classes of boat are sailed at Earlswood Lakes Sailing Club.  Each boat is
 different, but lovely in its own way.  You can speak to our Fleet Captains for more
info on the various boats if you are considering owning one. 
Each boat is given a handicap based on a system called the “Portsmouth Yardstick”.
  This scheme is designed to make fairer racing between different classes of boats. 
A Merlin is theoretically faster than an Enterprise so it gets a lower handicap etc.
Each sailor is also given a handicap based on the Sailing secretary’s discretion and
your past performance.  Your personal handicap will change depending on which
boat you sail.
Alan Wright (ELSC Sailing Secretary)

     Topper                          Enterprise                                 Xenon